Miklos Nemeth

Budapest in b. 1934 - 2012 regarded as
one of the important modern painters in Hungary.
Németh's style is characterized by his subjective and bold use of color, aswell as by his impulsive and passionate brushwork. He clearly
rejected the Socialist Realism and followed western stylistic
movements, instead.
His paintings depict nature and urban landscapes, which often include working human beings or portraits of the female body.

Németh was deeply inspired by the image of some 'cooling lava' and often described himself as the 'painter of the volcano.'

Exhibitions held in Hungary:
Besides several group exhibitions from his 28 individual exhibitions the following are the most important:
- 1957 Honvéd tiszti Ház
- 1963 Jókai Club
- 1981 Mûcsarnok Budapest
- 1990 Guttenberg Gallery, Budapest
- 1996 22 Gallery, Budapest
- 2000 Ernst Museum, Budapest
- 2001 Ferencz Gallery, Budapest
- 2007 arten gallery, Budapest

Exhibitions held abroad:
His paintings can regularly be seen in galleries abroad. He took part in several exhibitions organized by his
collectors: in Germany, France, Russia, Sweden, USA, Austria as well as Japan.
His most important awards:
- The constant participant of Hungarian Biennale
- Budapest Centenary competition 1. prize, 1973
- István Varga Ilosvai prize 1996

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